Baby bean bag

Everyone wants to keep their babies safe and snug. When putting them down to sleep or rest, parents seek probably the most secure, comfortable options that will also ensure their child cannot roll or fall. All parents know to set their little ones to relax on their backs to prevent accidents from happening. But what’s the best way to ensure the baby’s safety, while also ensure comfort and security?

Introducing the Bambeano
The Bambeano Baby Bean Bag is a soft, comfortable alternative to rockers or bouncers. The Bambeano Baby Beanbag is not just for entertaining the child, but provides a safe resting spot for the baby whether asleep or awake. The Bambeano is made for babies from newborn in order to six months of age. It will safely secure the infant in position with a safety harness which can be adjusted as the baby grows. Moreover, the Bambeano can be adjusted to keep the baby in an upright position, and with just a shake the child can rest inside a reclined position.

The Bambeano is particularly suitable for babies with colic or acid reflux. When babies have difficulty with digesting food, they should be held in a more upright position after consuming. The baby will experience discomfort when lying flat. The Bambeano keeps the baby in a semi-upright position, and the harness keeps the baby in place in a position that may provide him or her maximum relief. So, the Bambeano is not only excellent for allowing babies to stay in the position that allows these to see activities taking place around them, it is also therapeutic in easing discomfort after eating.

Safety Design

The Bambeano Baby Bean Bag is designed for maximum safety. It features a flat bottom that may remain stable on any hard, solid surface. It can be placed on the bed without fear of rolling or shifting, therefore it may be placed on the floor. The infant is kept safe in the Bambeano with a wide, comfortably padded harness. A child cannot tip out of the Bambeano, and the bean bag design allows the Bambeano being fluffed easily for durability.

Bambeano Baby Beanbag Benefits

Traveling is a breeze with the Bambeano. Parents don’t have to lug portable travel cots when they can toss the Bambeano in the car to go visit family and friends. There’s nothing to assemble, and the baby will probably be comfortable sitting up or sleeping. The Bambeano is available in fun, polka-dot colors suitable for any child.